WhatUsersDo – Earn Money By Testing Websites

The organization was established in London, UK in the year 2008 with the aim of giving usability testing to its consumers. Her main area of the platform is UX (an acronym for User Experience). This means that other organizations pay them to collect data on how users think about a particular website. They do this by hiring and paying people like professionals to be their testers.

Last year, WhatUsersDo was procured by UserZoom, a large foreign company, share of which is on the Fortune 100 list. Organizations include Facebook, Coca Cola, Oracle, General Motors, Cisco, The New York Times, and also Microsoft, as well as major retailers such as Kohl’s, Staples, Gap. A very effective list that affirms that they apprehend their work legitimately and gravely.

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How Does WhatUsersDo Work?

Anyone staying in the UK, US, France, Germany, and the Netherlands can utilize the portal to become a user tester for this corporation. Individuals must first register with the corporation. During the registration procedure, the organization will ask the individuals what type of team to be won.

If individuals have a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone they must inform the company which plans you can utilize to test various websites or applications. Second, before any individuals become an evaluator, they must take a field test.

This means that individuals will require to download and install the test recording software on the computer and have a practical microphone that can be utilized during this test.

  • Once the practice test has begun, individuals will be offered a website to try it out. Full instructions are available to you.
  • Individuals can start and stop recording during the test to see what to do.
  • Also, people must perform all tasks according to the guidance of the organization.
  • Once the test is finished, the individuals will present it to the organization for approval.
  • The association will evaluate the test based on the ability to follow the directions provided and the quality of your work during the test.
  • Each time any individual take the test, they should speak up and express their sole thoughts and experiences through the test.
  • If individuals encounter a complex site or are possessing difficulty obtaining the guide or managing the site, it is essential that they know about it.
  • The corporation will transfer the relevant individuals an email apprising you if you have cleared the test or not.
  • If any individual cleared the test name will be attached to the list of testers that the website utilizes.

What is WhatUsersDo?

WhatUsersDo makes it simple for website purchasers to improve the actual user experience by observing real individuals use their website. We took care of the perverse aspects of setting up and continuing usability testing: how to get members to introduce themselves and note what they were doing so our customers could focus on results and progress.

It works like this that our customers request usability tests online and use the normal web user panel. We remotely designate the screens and thoughts of our inspectors as they perform tasks on clients’ websites. Within 48 hours of ordering, our clients can view usability in examining videos online. View an individual user test assembly.

The firm has had excellent results in a wide variety of sizes, from e-commerce to local management. So far, most of the searches have been guided by consumers or citizens. The company have just started soliciting professional testimonials from the WhatUsersDo panel to better care the B2B Proposal Test.

We are not restricted to active websites for the business. The earlier an individual test in the growth cycle, the easier it will be to obtain changes. That is why several of the clients are testing models and websites while they are still under formation.

How to make money with WhatUsersDo online portal?

  • A usability evaluator generally permits 3-5 invites per month.
  • Some testers gain more tests each month than other examiners.
  • One way to guarantee an individual receives more business bids is to take the time to perform the trial.
  • Older testers have shown their ability to conduct tests and follow trends. Individuals should take the time to give as much data as feasible during the test.
  • Keep talking and expressing the feelings and what is befalling during the on-going test.
  • As a new tester, don’t expect the organization to invite customers to do a lot of testing first. It may get a few weeks, or even periods, to be drawn to the first test.

Online Platform Benefits – WhatUsersDo

  • Individuals can win real money, not points, gift cards, or sweepstakes. It is imaginable that this should be obtained on any GPT platform, but the precision is distinctive.
  • This particular legit firm pays decently for the relevant tests. If a test costs $ 8 and takes 20 minutes, that anticipates an hour of the time costs $ 24.
  • Now the issue here is that individuals don’t have much luck proceeding in the lower range.
  • They accept applicants from both sides with relevant interests. This is very pleasant news for Europeans.
  • GPT portals are usually only accessible to US citizens.
  • There are also several tests accessible for mobile testing. It’s fabulous to be able to earn money on the go or in different outdoor actions.

Final Thoughts – WhatUsersDo

This is a legitimate organization that individuals can apply to be a user tester. Individuals will not work for this organization, but they will be self-employed and will be free to select which exam they take. Each test takes about 20 minutes and the test taker receives a fixed value for the entire test.

Testers who are in connection with this organization for numerous years usually receive more recognition to take a test than new testers for the same. As a brand-new evaluator, individuals can get 3 to 5 tests per month.

It may take a organization a few weeks or even months to submit the first proof. When individuals get a trial version, support the directions, and give the organization the best possible user experience. This will guarantee that the organization sends individuals more test offers through the official WhatUsersDo portal.