– Official Marco’s Pizza Survey

This entire article is about the TellMarcos exclusive and nationwide survey. The blog covers all the particulars of the TellMarcos survey and for all the readers’ convenience and acknowledgment.

Hereby, in the article, the reader gets all relevant figures and data for the survey in the user-friendly sections. The customers of the Marcos will get the detailed note so that they get all the information attached to the TellMarcos survey by the company. Also, this particular article will take every customer much closer to the survey platform.


Moreover, this particular blog is drafted in the most convenient way to let win several offers and benefits offered by the brand in the TellMarcos platform only. The procedure mentioned in this blog will let every customer directly to the company for availing all the benefits with appropriate eligibility. Also, the sections in the blog include all the norms especially made by the marketing team.

Steps for Survey – Tell Marcos Survey

  1. Log in to
  2. Choose the preferred language
  3. Enter the ‘Survey Code’ from the receipt
  4. Enter the personal details (any two)
  5. Give the candid feedback (optional)
  6.  Rate the service you liked/disliked at the restaurant (mandatory)
  7. Click on “Submit”
Official NameTellMarcos
RewardsFree Meals

What is TellMarcos? – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Marcos has introduced all its customers with a customer/guest satisfaction survey and made an individual platform for the same. This is the only official platform where the brand has welcomed all the customers to give their valuable feedback about the last visit to Marcos.

TellMarcos is the customers’ satisfaction platform where every individual is invited to share their personal experience at any official store of the Marcos. The brand tends to get as many as possible feedbacks from its valuable customers and improve the services accordingly at all the restaurants whether it is food or any other service.

On the other hand, the company decided to give several benefits in terms of numerous discounts on behalf of the customers’ valuable feedback. Therefore, meanwhile, the survey goes on at restaurants, and on the official website, the customer can enjoy all the Marcos products at guaranteed discounts.


The Individuals’ Role – TellMarcos Guest Satisfaction Survey

In the TellMarcos, every customer has a key and unique role to play as this platform is for the company’s’ loyal and valuable customers only. The brand asks its every customer to give their honest feedback so that Marcos can reconsider the current services provided.

At the platform, the customer can rate the services they enjoyed and suggest an improvement for the ones which they disliked. The company welcomes the most candid feedback and promises all its loyal customers to change further services accordingly considering the customers’ desire.

Offers & Benefits for All – Tell Marcos!

It’s for everyone in the TellMarcos platform! The company has a detailed list of every offer and benefits which customer can avail of at the TellMarcos platform. Every customer gets the eligibility once they fill the feedback form at any official restaurant of at the official website only.

  • Free dish, the official dish for free to individuals gives their valuable feedback and gets shortlisted by the technical system.
  • Every customer gets a 20% discount on the order above $100.
  • A special home delivery offer of 15% from any official restaurant and the payment is done through credit card along with the candid feedback.
  • Free trip- The brand will take any 10 customers to an anonymous trip by the end of this year if selected by the technical system on a completely random process.


Norms/Rules –

The official survey team has rolled out numerous terms and conditions so that all the confusion in the mind of every customer gets cleared. The procedure and process of the TellMarcos survey can be as transparent as possible on both sides so the customers have to follow and acknowledge these rules and regulations.

  • All the rights are entirely reserved by the brand itself.
  • It is mandatory to fill out the feedback form for every customer.
  • The company does not guarantee all the offers and benefits to every customer.
  • For every customer, it is compulsory to choose the official website or the official restaurant to take the TellMarcos survey.
  • Use private devices and trusted internet connectivity if customers prefer the online platform.
  • The brand can revert all the processes including the offers and benefits anytime it wishes without any prior notice.
  • The brand is not responsible for any issues if any guidelines or norms are not followed by any customer or any individual.

Method for TellMarcos – Survey

In the TellMarcos survey, there is only one platform divided into two sub-platforms fo the convenience of its valuable customers. Any individual can choose the way form mentioned below to take the survey.

  1. All the official restaurants of Marcos have the forms available with enough quantity for the customers to give their extensive candid feedbacks.
  2. The second way for customers to take the survey is the official website of the brand at only.


These are the most convenient steps a customer can follow and get enrolled in the survey without any issues. Also, after the seventh step, a message “Your feedback is submitted. Thank you” appears which confirms the enrollment os the customers in the survey. A link is provided on the survey page below for those customers who do not have the receipt and survey code. Fill out the details and the customer can get in easily.

Privacy Policy –

All the data and information provided by the customer at every restaurant and on the official website are completely safe and secured in the servers of the TellMarcos technical team. Also, the data is used for evaluating the services of Marcos restaurant and to roll a list of winners in the survey. They are not used for any marketing purpose or strategy.


The blog provides all the details of the TellMarcos survey to the reader in a detailed section format for the customers’ acknowledgment only. For any further assistance in any relevant matter, feel free to reach us out in the comment section below. Our customer support team is ready to assist you.