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TellDunkin survey is the main focus of this particular article as it includes all the relevant aspects of the survey platform for the readers’ convenience. The sole reader can get a detailed idea with appropriate details about the TellDunkin guest satisfaction survey.

The blog completely deals with the TellDunkin survey platform and the relevant data and attachments attached to it. Also, the blog takes every loyal customer of Dunkin Donuts to explore the TellDunkin procedure with all the appropriate guidelines and assistance until the individual gets enrolled successfully. The customers of Dunkin Donuts can undergo this particular blog and experience the user-friendly sectional particulars.

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Moreover, along with the official procedure, the blog includes details of the additional strings attached to the survey. As the company has made relevant norms, the blog highlights all of them clearly and make this particular article a one-stop informative destination for the reader. Hereby, the readers can rely on the exclusive information of the article.

Official Procedure –

The sole motto of Dunkin Donuts is to get valuable feedback and also the customer should get appropriate assistance. Therefore, with those particular thoughts in mind, the official marketing, and TellDunkin teams have made a detailed procedure that is step-wise and much easy to understand. Although the customers have options, the teams have merely requested to follow the below-mentioned procedure as a crucial one.telldunkin survey receipt

  1. Visit official website only
  2. Select the language of your choice
  3.  Enter the relevant details from the original receipt
  4.  If you do not have the  survey code click on the optional link which quotes “My receipt does not have the survey code”
  5. Click on ‘Start’
  6. Enter the clear details according to the sectional box (any two)
  7.  Click on ‘Next’
  8. Give the candid feedback only (optional)
  9. Rate the services at the restaurant you recently visited (compulsory)
  10. Click on “Submit”
Official NameTellDunkin
Conducted ByDunkin Donuts
RewardsFree Dunkin Donut

What is TellDunkin!? – Guest Satisfaction Survey

TellDunkin is the official platform given to the customers where they can provide their valuable feedback to the brand. The platform is the one-stop destination for the customer if they are willingly interested to share their experience of the previous visit.

In the TellDunkin guest satisfaction survey, the customers are welcomed to take the survey platform and avail of the exclusive benefits. The brand has rolled out the TellDunkin survey with sole and prior intentions to upgrade and establish newly formed services at the relevant restaurant. Also, the company tends to proceed along with the customers’ views and legitimate opinions.

Moreover, the official committee decided to roll out a formal platform with all the appropriate terms and conditions to sustain complete transparency. As the company wants to give exclusive services, the customer has to provide these suggestions only with honest thoughts.

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Role of the Customers – Tell Dunkin Survey

The mere role of the customers is to maintain the worth of rolling out the TellDunkin guest satisfaction survey by maintaining its liability. Also, the customers have to stay and walk along with the company’s TellDunkin guest satisfaction platform to maintain the flow of the relevant process and legitimate procedure.

Furthermore, the customers have to give honest and valuable feedback on which the company can further work on serving the people. To take the customers’ reasonable feedback, adaptable and exclusive feedback form is outlined by the marketing and survey teams to provide reasonable convenience.

Exclusive Offers –

The brand has introduced liable and completely reasonable offers and discounts where the customers can avail of based on the eligibility criteria. This particular article section is based upon the benefits the company officials have rolled out at the TellDunkin guest satisfaction platform. Hereby, the customer can meet the relevant eligibility criteria and avail of the offers and benefits after the successful enrolment.

  1. There are three levels of offers of 20%, 25%, and 50% that can avail of discounts on the paycheck based on the official criteria.
  2. But one food product and get the same or a similar one without any extra payment.
  3. Any individual can avail of a maximum discount of $75 based on the purchase and amount to be paid printed on the paycheck.
  4. Get exclusive discounts on the purchase of the same food product twice.

Survey Norms – TellDunkin!

The official norms for the TellDunkin guest satisfaction exclusive platform are configured keeping the state of the platform. As the company has separately listed the rules and regulations for this particular platform, making the process more formal and straight forward. The company requests with a humble nature and also addresses the people to be a legitimate part of this guest satisfaction manifesto.

  • The customers have to fulfill the two crucial criteria of the TellDunkin as of they have to get an original receipt with relevant information. Secondly, individuals have to enroll themselves successfully at the platform.
  • There official validity dates for every process, procedure, offers, and discounts. Also, the dates are set as deadlines for filling out the feedback form at any nearest restaurant.
    telldunkin survey page
  • Every individual has to give valuable feedback to get selected for the official offers.
  • To be a successful member, take the brands’ feedback form only which is available at the official website only at, and use private devices for the procedure. Make sure the internet connection is completely secured.
  • The brand does not guarantee any offers and also the benefits are reverted once the validity of every original receipt is over.

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The procedure completion is ensured by a message “Your feedback is successfully submitted. Thank you for the response and time” which appears on the screen. If any customer wants prior assistance in understanding the above-mentioned procedure, kindly log in to and select the customer support section. Also, the individual must contact in such cases where the relevant particulars are not available for the TellDunkin. Also, the customers can take the survey in the Spanish language as per personal preference.


Hereby, this particular article was all about the TellDunkin guest satisfaction survey platform and the attachments along with the detailed informative sections based on it. Every customer, for any further assistance, the individual should feel free to reach us out in the comment section below. Our customer support team is more than happy to assist you with any relevant matter to the survey od the blog itself.