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At this page, the reader will get all the particulars of TalkToApplebees which is an exclusive survey Guest Survey at and all the eatery houses. This particular article includes every relevant information taken from the official sources only for the Applebees’ loyal customers. The blog provides all the assistance to every customer regarding the survey platform.

The blog entirely focuses on the TalkToApplebees survey and the sections attached to it are listed a scroll away from the customers. Also, the blog mentions the most convenient path for the customers’ convenience to be a part of this survey as numerous offers await! Grab it All! Limited Period Benefits!


Along with the official, data, figures, and information, the article covers every norm the company has made and the customers’ eligibility to take offers and discounts at the TalkToApplebees guest survey. Follow this particular article to get every minute details of the survey and how to avail the benefits easily!

Procedure for the Customers – TalkToApplebees Survey

As TalkToApplebees is rolled out as a completed user-friendly platform so the marketing and survey team has listed a detailed procedure of the survey for the customers’ convenient experience. Also, the survey team personally requests to follow the procedure to avoid any lick of data or issues.applebees-receipt

  1. Log in to
  2. Choose the preferred language
  3. Enter the 13-digit survey code, time and the name on the receipt
  4.  If you have a different receipt click on the link provided at the bottom
  5. Enter the personal details (any two)
  6. Give the candid feedback (optional)
  7. Rate the services at the restaurant
  8. Click on “Submit”
Offiicial NameTalkToApplebees
Launched ByApplebees
Rewards offered?Yes

What is TalkToApplebees? – Guest Survey

TalkToApplebees is the only official online platform rolled out by the brand as a guest survey so that customers get a unique platform. This particular platform is made by the company to conduct an extensive and official survey regarding the services provided to the customers.

The company has rolled out a platform thorough they expect feedbacks in larger quantity from the customers. Yes, the TalkToApplebees is a unique survey by the company to get as much as possible feedbacks from the individuals so that the company can provide better services at every restaurant in the future.


Individual’s Role – TalkToApplebees Guest Survey

Every individual has a unique role in the TalkToApplebees as the company had placed all the customers in the top post position during the survey. All the customers are most welcomed at the survey platform to give their valuable feedback about the services of Applebees enjoyed during their previous visit.

The crucial role of the customers is to provide their honest thoughts while their visit to the neighborhood grill and bar at Applebees. Also, the company welcomes the candid and valuable of all the customers who are willingly interested in the TalkToApplebees. A completely user-friendly feedback form is designed by the marketing and survey team jointly fo the convenience when any individual fills it.

Purpose – Talk To Applebees Guest Satisfaction Survey

The prior purpose of the TalkToApplebees platform is to roll out the feedback forms to every customer possible so everyone can share their candid feedback. The sole purpose of the campaign is to get the individuals’ views on the restaurant services and to evaluate them.

TalkToApplebees’ resolution for this year is to give the best service at every eatery house by considering the customers’ point of view and working accordingly. The company assures its all the loyal ones as the above-mentioned ones are the only sole purpose of the brand.

Offers –

All the offers, discounts, and benefits await for the customer to get enrolled successfully in the TalkToApplebees platform and avail of it. Also, for the customers’ convenience, all the offers and discounts are listed on the official website and also at every restaurant counter. All the offers and discounts are available if the customers give their candid feedback to the brand willingly.

  • At all the food items of the Applebees, there is a discount of a 20% flat on the paycheck of as a cashback or food items of the same prize.
  • A ‘Golden Voucher’ for the orders of the $100 or above in a single visit.
  • For the customers, who orders food as home delivery, 5% additional discount on the final payment.
  • Ab anonymous trip awaits special and loyal customers.

The golden voucher can be availed of the next visit for an exclusive 30% flat discount on the final paycheck. Also, the information about this trip will get disclosed to the customers who are deleted on a random basis by the technical system after the TalkToApplebees get over.


Norms for the Survey – Talk To Applebees Customer Survey

Along with all the other sections, there are certain terms and conditions including the rules fo the TalkToApplebees platform so that there can be a transparent layer between the customer and the brand itself. Every customer is requested to follow the norms as it is the first regulation from the company itself.

  • The period is of the two months only after which all the offers and benefits get reverted by the company.
  • All the rights are completely reserved by the brand to be on the safer side from the interpretation form other organizations or any individual.
  • The company does not guarantee every offer or discount to all the customers. Also, the brand does not need to provide offers, and benefits if customers enroll successfully.
  • The company is responsible if the customers’ private data gets licked but it is not responsible in any case if the customers do not follow the guidelines and procedures. Also, the customers have to give their valuable feedback at the official website and any official restaurant only.
  • Moreover, the survey team requests every individual to follow the survey procedure mentioned from the private devices and trusted internet connectivity only.
  • All the individuals must have an age of 16 or above for enrollment.



If the customers have another receipt, some extra details can be mentioned like a 9-digit serial number, date, time, check number, and server name. For any further assistance, feel free to reach the customers’ support team at only.


The article with details of the TalkToApplebees platform contains legitimate data and information about the exclusive survey rolled out by the brand to get customers’ feedback only. For any further assistance, feel free to contact us in the comment section below for any relevant matter.