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Shell Fuel Rewards card is officially accessible at and saves a lot of funds on gas acquisitions. If you’re a regular Shell gas station customer with bad credit, the Shell Fuel Rewards card can be an excellent choice to save dollars on all prices.

With the, customers can get 10 cents per gallon at the Shell station right away, as long as Fuel Rewards Gold membership is active. Cardholders will also get funds in the format of points to spend on groceries and other commodities at Shell outlets.

While there are several credit cards in the market that give better rewards for gas, you can have a good credit score and attached rewards with Hope on this article till the end to get all the details regarding the

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Shell Fuel Card Rewards At

Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard is the premium credit card proposed by Shell / Citibank. Since this credit card is a Mastercard, it can be utilized anywhere, and the purchase is not just restricted to Shell particularly.

The Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard offers the following benefits along with accessibility:

  • Prompt Shell Fuel Rewards Gold Status.
  • Customers can save 10 cents/gallon (up to 20 gallons) per fill.
  • Shell allowances are of 10% (up to $ 1,200 irrespective of Shell fuel acquisitions).
  • Save 2% on food & groceries (up to acquisitions of $ 10,000).
  • 1% Shell downgrades all other qualifying acquisitions.

Moreover, also includes the top three benefits (Gold Status, $ 10 Savings Per Gallon, 10% Shell Cashback). These privileges work just like the Shell Fuel Rewards card accessible at

The official terms and conditions of the card do not designate if it is a service only in the United States or if it also refers to food & eateries outside the United States. Once the cardholder reaches the $ 10,000 limit, they will no longer get a card with a particular cashback offer for these acquisitions. and discounts of 1% on all other qualifying acquisitions: Shell simplifies this privilege with the following data for cardholder’s acknowledgment: “Acquisitions that do not change for the 1% discount are those purchases which are made in locations where non-Shell fuel is traded.

Shell Fuel acquisitions for which you have received discounts are recorded at and also the purchases for which you have received other additional refunds.

How The Shell Fuel Rewards Network Works?

Every Fuel Rewards Network member makes at least three cents per gallon at Shell stations and can save more further by buying from Shell or a Fuel Rewards Network associate.

New members of the Fuel Rewards network automatically get Gold status as soon as they register in the program through the official website or app. This gives them an additional discount of 5 cents for every gallon of gas purchased from a shell authorized gas station.

During the period of the first six months, registered members must refuel at a Shell gas station at least six times to maintain their gold status and their mandatory 5-cent refund.

Your and discounts apply while refueling at a Shell gas station. When individuals swipe the Shell card or enter an ID on the pump keypad, Shell adds and subtracts discounts and marks it as earned on gas charges, which may be up to 20 gallons. portal user can then utilize any payment method. That’s absolutely right – you’re not restricted to utilizing a Shell gas card or any credit card linked through the official site.

The discounts shell registered members at can get are unlimited and can get the gasoline at a lower price. If the total discount surpasses the price per gallon, Shell will give users the gas for free and cancels the remaining discount on the subsequent refill.

Shell Go+ Fuel Rewards – account users can easily save on fuel acquisitions made with the Shell Fuel Rewards® card at competing Shell units in America. When you buy fuel with the card, the price to be paid at the point of sale is reduced from 5 cents per gallon to 20 gallons which is one of the notable benefits.

For fuel acquisitions at the pump, the price per gallon at the shell authorized pump will be lowered after swiping the shell credit card, except wherever prohibited. For fuel acquisitions in the store, savings are made prior to completing the possession and the data is stored at

If the or discounts are not available for some period, relevant credit cardholders will get similar offers in the next draw. In this case, the fuel cost per gallon will not be reduced at the pump or prior to a custom acquisition. credits are automatically stored on the monthly official statement. When calculating the loan amount on the bank statement, we aggregate the number of gallons bought by 5 cents and accomplished to the nearest number.

If gallon data is not accessible for a specific acquisition, the shell officials restrict the number of gallons purchased by dividing the entire purchased fuel price by an average cost per gallon.

Are There Fees For Shell Credit Card?

$ 10 or 5% of the cost of each prepayment, whichever is larger (3% of each acquisition deal in US dollars).

$ 38 late fee (just make the payments on time and registered users won’t have to bother about additional charges!).

Yearly Charge: $ 0

Final Thoughts About

To determine the number of acquisitions eligible for and discounts every year, the billing cycle starts on the first day of the billing cycle in December and ends on the last day of the cycle in December.

Refunds at that are not redeemed within twelve-monthly billing periods will be forfeited as per the norms stated by Shell. Savings and discounts are particularly collected on acquisitions for personal, family or household usage.

The registered account must be maintained open and current to save on fuel acquisitions and to earn Shell rebates. If the account is closed or is inactive, account holders are not eligible to save fuel data or to earn special discounts.

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