PrizeRebel – Make Money With Paid Surveys is an online survey rewards panel that allows users to earn favorite rewards on numbers of free gift cards, PayPal rewards, and Amazon gift cards. Our least trade begins at $ 5 and there is no limit to what individuals can get by taking surveys, finishing quests, and watching videos at PrizeRebel portal!

PrizeRebel is a rewards panel with over 8 million affiliates. They have spent over $ 17 million since the year 2007! Members can receive points by participating in several activities such as surveys, videos, or free offers at the official portal.

With accumulated points, users can redeem them for cash or branded gift vouchers at a ratio of 1 point to 1 cent. For every 100 points earned, users can redeem them for a $ 1 gift card.

Survey PanelPrizeRebel
SegmentOnline Paid Surveys
RewardsPrizeRebel Promo Codes
ModeOnline Legit Procedure
WebsiteOfficial Site

Sign Up At PrizeRebel Portal

To win free PrizeRebel promo codes and more, take the survey, watch videos by following the procedure mentioned below. Here are the sign-up steps for the user at the official portal at the PrizeRebel portal.

  • Visit the official website for the PrizeRebel Reviews
  • Take a look at the available surveys and videos
  • Participate in the quest and do the following as per the on-screen instructions
  • Make sure you save the availed Prize Rebel promo codes
  • Sign out from the registered account

If you are new to the PrizeRebel portal, register yourself first with the on-screen credentials.

  • For the registration procedure, do visit the official PrizeRebel site
  • On the top right side, there is an option to access the registered account with the label ‘sign-up’
  • Enter the username and the attached password to the relevant section
  • Now, click on sign in to access the account

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is an officially US-based platform that aims to combine research corporations with regular customers. The common concept is that, as a PrizeRebel member, individuals will have the possibility to earn rewards for finishing surveys.

As with most online review sites, each equipped survey is paid in form of the points that can be redeemed for tangible rewards. This can be done in the format of cash or gift cards as per the reward.

Like other traditional survey platforms, PrizeRebel also proposes several alternative methods to improve the Prize Rebel score. This includes watching videos, playing games, signing up for third-party websites, or referring friends and family.

In terms of statistics, Prize Rebel commands to have a similarity of over 9.2 million members, and the platform returns a surplus of $ 19 million in cash and rewards since the year 2007. Corresponded to SurveyMonkey, which claims to have categorized over $ 300 million, PrizeRebel is significantly more modest.

However, one of the principal benefits of joining PrizeRebel over its chief competitors in the market is that it affirms account enrollments all over the world. In opposition, respondents only admit immigrants from a specific number of nations.

If you’re looking for the way to the question of how PrizeRebel can reward users for solely taking surveys, this is what the platform is beginning with the user data. Since all the participants must answer the survey questionnaires honestly, advertisers are responsible to pay PrizeRebel to access this data.

However, the personal data will not be bestowed with these advertisers and PrizeRebel declares that it never reveals any data about its client identity. Now that individuals have an idea of ​​what PrizeRebel is, let’s take a look at how the survey procedure usually works and how the payment is being done.

How Much Do PrizeRebel Pay?

Before focusing on the payment procedure for a specific survey, it is significant to understand how the PrizeRebel point system works. If individuals have any experience with the partnered survey sites, the user must usually know that surveys are paid in points. Each point can be turned into real dollars, which registered users can withdraw as soon as they get a certain number of points.

In PrizeRebel, 1 point is perpetually equivalent to $ 0.01. So 100 points would similar to $ 1 – 1000 points that would be equal to $ 10 and so on. One of the best ideas about PrizeRebel is that the portal makes it much easier for individuals to know how much they can earn per task analyzed to the main competitors.

By this, we mean that PrizeRebel always informs the relevant user about two prominent parameters. First, individuals will learn how various points they will get for a particular survey. Second, officials also provide an average accomplishment time in minutes.

How Does The PrizeRebel Panel Works?

Did individuals know that free time has perpetually had its advantages that you will find out if you need the time to travel a bit? Every minute individuals spend watching the favorite TV shows or directly browsing the Internet preoccupied a large chunk of the apparently fertile hours.

The good news is that individuals can nevertheless be the potato king of the house meanwhile a particular participant win! Isn’t it a big trap? If that doesn’t satisfy you, this might be the questionnaire for you. Have you ever wondered why, for instance, a user said “no” to invitations from the friends while driving out of town?

For instance, if individuals take surveys, watch videos, and comprehensive other tasks, where users are previously entitled to points that can be transformed into cash. Wherever users are, as long as they have an internet connection, a PC, a laptop, or even a cell phone, they must first make an account at the official Prize Rebel portal.

Final Thoughts About The PrizeRebel Platform

When it arrives at findings jobs online, business is always a better choice according to many. Free time is usually not enough as it will usually take users more than half a day to achieve this. Daily successes must be confirmed with passive income so that users can continue earning while they sleep.

Make money with the survey by watching videos that are preferred and earn up to 20% referral points. Individuals can invite at least one person, and when that character opens an account, you can get a percentage of the earnings from Prize Rebel officially.

To benefit referrals, individuals must teach them the relevant techniques to earn points. If you have any confusion regarding the PrizeRebel portal, mention it in the section below.