Activate – Card Diagnostic Platform

Individuals, if they are a pet owner and seeing for a way to take care of the furry friend along with saving money? In this particular article, a specific site at the site can be an excellent idea to get several discounts.

This particular article below will tell individuals exactly what Bl Pet Rebates prepaid visa cards are, how to activate and utilize the card, plus supplementary data to assist the users feel more confident using these cards and save more money.

Official Activate
TypeRebate Platform
BenefitsVisa Card Discounts & Vouchers
CompanyBoehringer Ingelheim
WebsiteOfficial Site

Apply For Activate Card

  • Open the installed browser. Visit the official site
  • Enter the offer code drafted on the receipt.
  • Enter the purchase date mentioned on the purchase receipt.
  • Click on the ‘Continue’.
  • Now, upload the scanned copy/photo of the purchase receipt and the refund form which received as the sole proof of purchase.
  • Then fill in the appropriate personal data, including the name, address, and also the social security number, etc.
  • Please check the data to make sure it is accurate.
  • Now, Submit the credentials.
  • Individuals will be redirected to the thank you page. Don’t refresh the current page and press the back button.
  • Users will get the tracking number. Save this number to track the shipment of the card.

Generally, for the Activate card, it can take 6 to 8 weeks to process the customer’s request. Cardholders can also check the terms and qualifications page for the brand of drug to locate the maximum TTE. After verifying the proof of purchase, acceptability, and a genuine purchase record, the Visa prepaid card will be mailed to the mentioned address.

What is BiPetRebates Prepaid Card?

Boehringer Ingelheim is the organization behind these pet discounts and invests in a category of medicines, vaccines, and more exceeding in the animal health division. They have fortunately associated with veterinary clinics and pharmacies, recognizing them to offer their clients valuable pet care combinations.

With this offer, individuals can get the BIPetRebates prepaid card after buying a discounted pet care product for any of the Boehringer Ingelheim brands, listed hereby as Heartgard, NexGard, Metcam, OraVet, or Frontline.

The card the user receives is a prepaid Visa debit card with a pre-billed amount that can be issued at several retailers, such as a credit card. Use it for other animal health outcomes or for the next supermarket visit. How users use it is ultimately up to them just the norms must be acknowledged!

If cardholders buy whichever of these products from a shop like PetSmart, the best point to do is to go online and see if the rebated product bought is refundable before executing the purchase.

An alternative is to buy the product directly from the veterinarian, who can give you with reimbursement particulars. Frontline, HeartGard, and Nexgard are amongst Boehringer’s top trademarks and issue prepaid cards allowed by Activate officially.

The Activation For Double Animal Reimbursement

To buy medicine for the pets at a contracted price with the Bi-Pet prepaid discounts, cardholders must first activate the card itself. After initiating the card, comprehend the steps below to activate the registered card:

  • First, visit the site to activate the card
  • Make sure users have the card number handy as it will be required during the activation procedure.
  • Now, enter the first six digits of the card on the right side and press the Enter key.
  • Now, users can then view all of the card particulars including bank statements, transactions, PIN, and also the account balance.
  • The prepaid card cannot be utilized for international purchases or at ATMs.
  • These BIPetRebates prepaid cards can simply be activated to buy medicine for the pet at reduced rates.

This sole card can be issued by an associate of the FDIC, First Century Bank, or Bancorp Bank. Individuals can also be sure that cards emanated in the United States are not solely Visa-bound.

Get A Boehringer Ingelheim Discount Card

Animals and humans have always been a method of subsistence. Taking care of livestock is just as essential as taking care of their health! Animal welfare is a solemn subject that has remained the subject of much improvising. Fortunately, preparation and advanced healthcare practices have made life more comfortable for furry companions.

Whether it’s professionally qualified veterinarians, exceptional nutritional appendices, or the right medicine, the animal health enterprise has altered forever. And who more helpful than Boehringer Ingelheim to care for animal health with the online payment method along with several discounts?

Discounts & Several Offers –

If individuals want more discounts and promotions on considering for the pet, HeartGard vouchers can be a magnificent way to explore the products by the brand. HeartGard is suggested for pets over 6 weeks old merely.

For more discounts, see the complete detailed guide at, or One of the various popular offers is the acquisition of 12 cans of HeartGard. Get a $ 50 discount where they can obtain these types of offers on the legit HeartGard website.

How To Check The Card Data?

  • Open the installed browser.
  • Visit the site of the brand at Select the card account from the top menu section.
  • Cardholders can also go immediately to
  • Enter the first six digits of the Visa Prepaid card on the right side section.
  • Click Enter.

Individuals can review the subsequent data in My Card Account:

  • Active Card Balance.
  • Account Status.
  • Record of transactions.

The Final Words – Activate

Boehringer Ingelheim is apparently the best-known title in the animal health industry. If individuals have a pet, cardholders will nearly unquestionably have bought some of their commodities or will get the relevant ones. In this case, it is competent to identify the possible discounts proposed by the organization so that the cardholders can get the most of the companies products.

When buying at the veterinarian or pet store, they should have knowledge about the currently accessible discounts, inclusive of the prices, claim time, etc. As the offers are continually changing and there are so diverse, we have chosen not to give exact specifications of the current offers to cover.