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Making money through the survey sites is one of the several common ways to earn extra money online with Opinion Outpost. Since some of the survey sites have millions of designated users, there is no other way of making money online that appears close to popularity.

In this particular Opinion Outpost Reviews, we got answers to similar questions the user has about the Opinion Outpost. Is review posting a legitimate source of profit? Is it more salutary than peer survey sites? Let’s go through each question and obtain the correct answers, so get along.

Official NameOpinion Outpost
DescriptionOnline Survey Site
MeritsGift Cards
WebsiteOfficial Site

Free Sign Up At Opinion Outpost Reviews

Like most of the other related sites, Opinion Outpost can be registered for free. Signing up is straightforward at the survey portal too as all you require to do is provide the name and email address or you can log in through the social media accounts.

  • Sign up by¬† visiting the official site of Opinion Outpost
  • Look out for the tab ‘Sign up for free’
  • Take part in the on-going online surveys
  • Test products, sites and win rewards after submitting the survey
  • Redeem your rewards through an amazon gift card or paypal

There is no additional personal data to register with them and it is not essential to provide the credit card particulars, so there is unquestionably no problem registering. Fraudulent sites often use the registration procedure to obtain user details during the registration procedure.

How Does The Opinion Outpost Portal Works?

The official site of Opinion Outpost works like any other survey site, without complexities or any issues. If a user is a registered member, they will get tons of surveys. All you have to do is give real data to fit for some of the surveys at the official portal.

Individuals may not be eligible for all surveys, but this is how the online survey industry works. Once users have access to the surveys for which users are eligible, they can complete multiple surveys that are posted at Opinion Outpost panel.

Legit Opinion Outpost Panel

The Opinion Outpost panel is imperceptibly different from other peer survey sites. Rather than having its personal survey page with a description of surveys accessible, the company’s proposition is more personalized and interactive compared to other sites.

To respond to the initial survey, click on the green section which shows the text Take the survey! At the head of the control panel. Some surveys may be missing something, but it looks like the only way to enter the surveys in the account is by the same text showing the “Reply Survey!” section.

With that in cognizance, users can’t see how long-drawn a survey will take and how many points they will get if users complete it until they start using a survey for making online money.

Let’s say users only have five or ten minutes for the specific survey. Users may be wasting a lot of time seeking for a survey because they will not be eligible for the first few surveys that are not connected with the portal.

What does The Opinion Outpost Portal pay?

Opinion Outpost estimates that one point is equivalent to $ 0.10. After six hours per week and 11 finished surveys, users can accumulate points. These points are redeemed for the cash and also the cash prizes and rewards.

Note that the rewards do not perpetually respond to online surveys. Opinion Outpost official online portal only sends out a few surveys invites per week, and users can’t qualify for half, so they have fewer surveys to do.

While the test specimen is already as frustrating as it seems, Opinion Outpost pays test members by beginning a quarterly quest (one entry per individual) that is the equivalent of smearing salt on the injury.

If individuals want to redeem points for cash, users require 100 points, which is equivalent to $ 10 on the Opinion Outpost platform (assuredly low compared to other paid survey sites). The lowest reward alternative on offer, however, is a $ 5 Amazon gift card, which only needs 50 points to redeem.

What Do The Users Get At Opinion Outpost Platform?

It is interesting that the user selects the surveys based on several points of consideration as they offer, which is between 5 and 50 points.

  • 1 point 0.10 cents
  • 10 points 1.0
  • 100 points 10

This is the best thing users like about Opinion Outpost is the payment timelines. If you’ve completed a 50-point survey, those individuals can instantly redeem it for Amazon and iTunes gift cards at their respective accounts. If users only have two of the 50 points each, they can redeem funds with the registered PayPal accounts.

It’s fast, and users don’t think that they can redeem the points anywhere else just by taking 1 or 2 surveys, right? If individuals know of any of these sites let us know in the comment section below.

Although individuals regularly get emails with the survey lists, they don’t just rely on emails to take the online surveys. Individuals can still log in to their registered accounts on the Opinion Outpost website and select from the available surveys.

This will let users participate in surveys without any disturbance and earn more money virtually. Alternatives users can get through a variety of options at the Opinion Outpost survey panel, inclusive of several online surveys, mobile surveys, and also the friend referrals.


It is one of the fastest survey sites in terms of reward distribution. Individuals don’t just get $ 10 in their account to use it. This is the least amount, well below the industry standard of $ 50 which the shortlisted individuals get at the portal.

Opinion Outpost Rewards can also be processed quickly as soon as they are claimed by the user. In most cases, prices are extended instantly or, in exceptional cases, waiting a few hours is enough for the industry standard is 4-6 weeks period.

Other alternatives if users are bored, such as games and gifts are accessible at the Opinion Outpost panel. Refer a friend to earn $ 1.00 if the referred friend or relative member who can take at least one survey.

Opinion Outpost Reviews comprehend a lack of transparency to the length of the surveys and differ from a legitimate paid survey site. It’s individuals’ turn to tell us what they think of the Opinion Outpost survey platform. Share the experience with the community and have a chance to win cash rewards.