How to Take MyKFCExperience Survey?

This article covers everything there is know about the MyKFCExperience survey. It explains what KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey is, eligibility to participate, how to start the survey, what to do when you do not have the KFC’s survey code with you, and talks about rewards that you can redeem for completing the survey.

How to Take MyKFCExperience Survey

KFC BillFollow the listed instruction to start KFC customer satisfaction survey:

  1. Go to the main website of MyKFCExperience Survey on
  2. Select your preferred language
  3. Enter the 17 digit survey code from the receipt
  4. Enter the time
  5. Click on the “Start” button
  6. It will lead you to the next page, where you will have to answer/rate questions related to the overall experience with KFC.
  7. Answer the questions truthfully
  8. Enter your active email id and contact number
  9. Once done, click on “Submit” to receive the validation code
  10. Visit KFC to redeem your vouchers

What to do if you don’t have a 17 digit survey code?

MyKFCExperience Survey Without CodeThere are chances that the survey code is not there on the receipt of the purchased item. But do not worry, we have your back. Follow these simple steps to complete your KFC customer satisfaction survey.

  1. Go to the main website of MyKFCExperience or use MyKFC Experience Survey
  2. Select your preferred language
  3. For the English language, you can directly Click here
  4. Enter the restaurant number
  5. Enter the date
  6. Enter the  time
  7. Enter the ticket number
  8. Click on “Start” to begin the survey
Official NameMyKFCExperience
ParticipantsResidents of the USA

Rewards for MyKFCExperience Survey

KFC is always passionate about the food they serve and the service they provide. It knows how to keep its customers happy, so they keep returning, so after you complete the feedback for the customer satisfaction survey on MyKFCExperience, KFC rewards you with vouchers, coupons that you can redeem to buy food. You also can get a KFC Go Cup for free!

Tips to remember for MyKFCExperience

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Ensure that you have entered all the details correctly
  • You can take only one survey in a month
  • The survey receipt will only be active for seven days
  • You must redeem the coupon code in 30 days
  • The rewards are not transferable and non-negotiable

Introducing MyKFCExperience Survey

The Kentucky Fried Chicken, better known as KFC, serves you the “Colonel quality” chicken by conducting a customer satisfaction survey called MyKFCExperience Survey. The customer answers and ratings in the review help them to know their customer’s opinions and make sure that the food is always ‘finger-licking’ good.

MyKFCExperience Homepage

You have to visit KFC’s customer satisfaction survey website and answer a few questions related to the overall KFC experience so they can improvise their services and make sure that you keep coming back to them. On completion of the customer satisfaction survey, you will receive a validation code with which you get food coupons and vouchers to redeem on your next visit to  KFC.

Eligibility for MyKFCExperience Survey

The MyKFCExperience has rules and regulations that you need to follow to participate. The listed below are the requirements and criteria that make you eligible for the MyKFC Experience survey.

  1. My KFC Experience survey is an online customer satisfaction review; thus, you will need stable internet and mobile/desktop/ laptop
  2. The candidate should be a U.S citizen
  3. You should be 18 or above
  4. You should either know English or Spanish to follow instructions and understand the questions asked during the time of the survey so that you can answer accordingly
  5. You have a recent receipt from the KFC restaurant
  6. The receipt should have the validation code mentioned on it
  7. Visit the KFC within 30 days to redeem rewards
  8. You can take the KFC customer satisfaction survey once a month

Final Note for MyKFCExperience Survey

We hope that we were able to document everything that you needed to know about MyKFCExperience and with the help of details and facts mentioned in this article will make the survey will be a cakewalk for you. Feel free to ask questions if you have doubts regarding this survey in the comment section below. If you enjoyed reading this article, then share it with the world. Share it with everyone and anyone you know.