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Make a swift payment online from the MyClearBalance account by registering at the official site The procedure only needs a few minutes. It is fast, simplistic, and easy! After creating a login account, users can do several activities online.

Individuals can view the latest bank statement, access the transaction history, edit the personal data, and more. When setting up the account online, there are several simple steps to sign up for computerized payment. This way, account holders will never lose the monthly bill.

Read the data on to see if the bank account or credit card can be utilized for the service. If individuals have any questions or doubts about the registration procedure, please call 1-888-334-4022.

Official NameMyClearBalance
PurposeOnline Transactions
BenefitsZero Interest Patient Financing
UsageAccess Billing History
WebsiteOfficial Site

Access Your MyClearBalance Account

With the official MyClearBalance Login site, individuals can immediately pay any healthcare company online. Here are the steps to access the My Clear Balance portal with the relevant login credentials.

  • Type the official My Clear Balance site URL in the browser search section.
  • Now users must enter the account number in the initial field of the form. If account holders do not desire to enter the account number, they can also mention the reference number.
  • Next, users require to enter the date of birth in the next section of the form along with the appropriate password.
  • Click on sign-in to access the account and do online payments.

Make Online Payments With MyClearBalance Account 

  • To make the online payment with MyClearBalance, make sure that the device you are utilizing for the process is attached to secure and fast internet connectivity.
  • Now, open the web browser and navigate to the login link at the official website
  • After accessing your My Clear Balance account, click on the tab ‘make payments’
  • By agreeing on this tab, individuals will get a small form with three sections.
  • Then just choose the payment process in the third section after entering the credentials.
  • Account-holders will require to follow some of the separate steps, providing some data to make an online payment.

MyClearBalance Portal Services

MyClearBalance is an official online portal that gives financial services to individuals who require health centers. The organization has assisted US residents in making online payments since the year 1992. In these services, it offers numerous health loans, primarily for individuals in need.

At My Clear Balance, they manage nearly 4 million patient accounts in nearly hundreds of healthcare professions. The corporation is based in San Diego, California and they believe in the quality and transparency of the work they have been accomplishing for over three decades.

  • Individuals need to register online for My Clear Balance services.
  • For assistance, go to to get the official representative assist.
  • Please note that individuals must have a My Clear Balance account to register for online services.
  • Moreover, account holders will require to provide their name, MyClearBalance Login account number, email address, contact number, and also the postal address.

MyClearBalance Association

The MyClearBalance Login account can be utilized for the accounts in the below-mentioned banks. The official My Clear Balance organization is registered with these banks and offers relevant services at the online login portal. Check out the below-listed firms and if you have a registered account with these banks, then MyClearBalance is the best choice to get online assistance.

  • Metabank
  • West Bank Mountain, N.A.
  • Republic Bank & Trust Company
  • Riverbank
  • Bank of the Western Alliance

Please note that if the account holders want to sign up for the automatic payment feature, they must have a registered bank account or credit card that they want the corporation to use to procedure of the payments. Also, MyClearBalance only allows Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.

The MyClearBalance Loan Program

The official Providence Medical Group now allows its patients an interest-free loan program from the MyClearBalance, which provides patients to pay their medical bills out of air pocket for an outspread period of time. The My Clear Balance loan program has been made accessible to Providence Medical Group patients. The perks of the My Clear Balance payment plan along with the loan program include:

  • Low recurrent payments with adaptable terms up to 72 months
  • The patient has a relaxation from the interest
  • Also, the patient does not pay unspecified late fees
  • A customer service center accessible and committed to patient satisfaction

Mitch Patridge, CEO of MyClearBalance, says the company’s client service center and adjustable patient loans are key elements in making the program engaging to healthcare providers and customers. For the MyClearBalance loan program, individuals can register and the official service representative will be in assistance to the relevant customers.

MyClearBalance Benefits

Here are some of the distinctive and unique benefits the MyClearBalance Login online portal provides to its respective customers:-

  • Better payment selections
  • 0% interest program
  • Easy grading without request
  • Affordable monthly repayments
  • Eligibility to make payments over time
  • No yearly fees or prepayment fines
  • Friendly and affordable consumer services
  • Easy to use for the online payments
  • Transparent and consolidated monthly billing
  • Add future statements
  • Pay the bills 24 hours a day by a cheque or credit card, by mail, by phone, or online at the official site merely.

Providence Medical Group has associated with the official MyClearBalance and Western Alliance Bank to offer this loan program to the customers.

Final Verdicts About MyClearBalance

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It seems that the official site of My Clear Balance team still claims to expand all the social media actions, as the major social media sites hold little to no matter associated with this section.

The company was established in Cincinnati in the year 1992 as a giver of patient loans to hospitals and healthcare schemes in the United States. My Clear Balance does not file with credit reporting companies and now works with numbers of health care establishments across the country.

MyClearBalance Login site is a US website known for processing an online loan program for various hospitals and healthcare systems over the country. The firm has qualified and trained staff to help individuals with alternatives to online payments.