My New Card – Cash Rewards With Bank Of America

The My New Bank of American Card promotion is connected to most BOA credit card offers as many of which carry a cash bonus!). If individuals were lucky rather to geta BOA card offer, visit the official site at to do the registration procedure.

Individuals must have valid credit, be at least 18 years old, and live (juridically) in the United States to support a BOA card. We don’t comprehend of any Bank of America credit card for those with adverse credit if there is a specified comment at the conclusion of this specific review.

Official NameMy New Card
OrganizationBank of America
IndustryFinance & Banking
WebsiteOfficial Site

Login Procedure – My New Card

The registration procedure is pretty straightforward. Individuals only require the online identifier and also the access code to enter the online portal. Just follow the directions below to log into the account:

  • First, the account holders must visit the Bank of America’s official website.
  • If individuals click on this link, they will be commanded to the website.
  • On the home page, individuals will recognize the login section on the right side of the home page.
  • There, individuals must enter the online identifier and also access code in the fields given for this determination.
  • If the account holders are using the personal device, select the Remember my online ID checkbox.
  • After that, individuals need to click on the login button to access the BOA portal with the username and password.

Guide To Activate My New Card – Bank of America

Use the particular security code to apply for a Bank Of America credit card at the online official portal. In interest to personal security, the candidate must also give their zip code on the registration portal.

It takes about five minutes to finish the BOA My New Card application. Most applicants should get a decision quickly. The particular security code can be ascertained on the Bank of America promotional material that individuals obtained by the email.

If you have any questions about the process to apply for my new card, please call 1-800-932-2775. This credit card program is governed by the Bank of America, N.A. Applications are evaluated for credit quality and BOA prequalified customers have a more distinguished acceptance rate.

For more data on fees, charges, and other relevant factors, see Bank of America Credit Card Agreements where the details are mentioned for the relevant account holders.

My New Card – Online Particulars

If individuals have a Bank of America credit card offer, they can apply online in flashes. Therefore, it is very beneficial for acknowledgment purposes.

  • A customer must visit the official website of the Bank of America My New Card app at their official site
  • Enter the personal security code and zip code that customers received in the request form in the email.
  • Now, press the “Next” button to go to the application page.
  • If individuals are not the individuals to whom the credit card offer was directed when an account holder lost their security code, they can call FIA Card Services, NA at 1-800-932-2775 for support.
  • Please note that Bank of America must receive personal data, such as assets, earnings, and other debts, for its daily company requirements.
  • Follow the directions from the screen to complete the registration procedure.

Card Details – Bank of America My New Card

Bank of America is the most recent credit card issuer to offer newly qualified cardholders an extensive period to earn their welcome gift. Chase and American Express lately stated that the similar offers as many customers across the nation are struggling to meet their tiniest spending terms.

Similar to the Chase offer, if individuals opened a new Bank of America credit card account within January 1, 2020, and March 31, 2020, individuals will automatically initiate a supplementary 90 days to get the welcome bonus. This outlines a total of 180 days to earn the My New Card bonus.

So if a particular opened the Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card on January 3, 2020, individuals normally have until April 2, 2020. Nevertheless, with the new 90-day period, the relevant customer has until July 1, 2020.

Meanwhile, the Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card allows 50,000 bonus points after doing purchases of at least $ 3,000 within the first 90 days of the account opening period. This elongated period is good news for fitted cardholders who may locate it difficult to pay more than $ 1,000 during the prescribed 90-day period.

However, if they are still having a hard time earning the welcome bonus, that’s fine too. It is better to lose the availed of a bonus than to spend more and have a balance on the card, which can point to high-interest times.

How To Credit Card Bill? – My New Card

To make the payment from the Bank of America, the relevant cardholder must follow the following methods:

Pay online:

It is the simplest way to pay the credit card bill. Individuals can follow the directions below to accomplish the payment:

  • First of all, the cardholder must visit the official Bank of America website.
  • To enter the site quickly, customers must click on this link or
  • It is seen that the login section on the left opens up.
  • Enter the registered username and attached password online in the fields given.
  • Then individuals have to click on the Connect button.
  • After joining the online portal, customers can comfortably make the payment.

Pay by mail:

Cardholders can also pay the credit card bill by mail. To do the payment, cardholders can also send the balance to the subsequent address:

Bank of America Credit card payments

  • Bank of America
  • P.O. Box 15019
  • Wilmington, DE 19886-5019

Final thoughts – My New Card

The Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card gives versatility to the cardholders, allowing them to select the 3% refund category and change it periodically. Cardholders get bonuses in this section, as well as a 2% cash back at the relevant grocery stores and wholesale clubs.

If cardholders require to finance a large purchase or pay off a high-interest credit card balance, the card can curtail the interest. The chief drawback of the card is that 3% and 2% reward levels are confined. Additionally, cardholders return a 3% transfer fee with a least of $ 10.