How to Take McDVOICE Survey?

Today we’ll be talking about a survey conducted by McDonald called the McDvoice survey. The article will help you understand what McDvoice Survey, the requirements, steps to follow to participate in the survey, and the benefits and rewards you get in return.

We have also mentioned the rewards and the benefits that you will get by participating in the survey. Moreover, we have also provided the method of winning the rewards even if you do not have the survey code printed on your receipt.

How to Get Started With McDVoice Survey

Once you have everything follow the below mention steps to start the McDVoice Survey.

  1. Go to the official website of the McDonald’s Survey or click the link here
  2. Select your preferred language (English or Spanish) from the top
  3. Enter the 26 digit survey code given in the receipt
  4. Click on “Submit.”
  5. If you cannot find the survey code, then click on the bottom right on the page that says If you do not have the 26 digit code printed on the receipt, click hereMcDVoice Survey without code
  6. It will lead you to a page that will ask you to answer the Store Number, Date of Visit, Time of Visit, Amount Paid, and Order
  7. Please verify all the details before you press start
  8. Click on the “Start” button, and the survey will start.
  9. The survey form will have a list of questions that you need to answer.
  10. Be honest and non-biased.
  11. Click on “Finish” once you have answered them all.
  12. At the end of the survey, you will receive a validation code.
  13. Note down the code on the receipt and take the receipt with you to McDonald when you visit the store next time to claim your reward.
  14. It is easier done than said.
Survey NameMcDVOICE
RewardsFree Food
Participants Residents of USA

What is McDVoice Survey

McDonald’s unique philosophy of quality of service, cleanliness, and value has made McDonald’s what it is today, the largest food chain supply restaurant in the world!

McDVoice Survey Homepage is an exclusive website of Mcdonald’s, where customers can give feedback and suggestions to Mcdonald’s by filling up a survey form. It helps McDonald to know what their customers think of their food, the vibe of the place, their employee’s behavior, etc. and in return of speaking your mind, you get rewards which include coupons you can redeem and get cash back and even free burgers! The next time you visit the store.

Benefits of McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Like the wise man said, ” What goes around comes around.”  And in McDonald’s case, every customer that fills up is making McDonald’s a better place for not their employees but also for the people they are serving.

McDonalds Food

Every time you participate in the McDVoice survey, you claim not only rewards but also  McDonald’s to update their menu now and then.  So every time you say  “I’m lovin’ it,” pat yourself on the back because made your favorite item stay by filling up the McDVoice customer satisfaction survey.

Requirements for McDVoice Survey

Everything in this world comes with terms and conditions, and so does McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey.
These requirements are easy to understand, and they won’t take long to read. But do read them carefully so that you tickmark on all the boxes for the reward you deserve.

  1. McDVoice is an online survey which means internet connectivity and mobile/desktop are musts
  2. You must be residing in Canada or America
  3. You must age 15 or above
  4. You should know Spanish or English
  5. You must have a recent receipt from McDonald to participate in the survey
  6. The receipt must not be older than a week
  7. You should have a McDVoice survey validation code with you
  8. It would be best if you had not worked for McDonald’s in the past

Some Extra pointers to keep in mind for McDvoice survey

These pointers you should keep in your mind when you visit the McDonald’s store to claim your McDVoice survey code.

  • The McDonald’s receipt is valid for only seven days
  • The McDonald survey code expires within 30 days of taking the survey
  • You can take up to 5 surveys a month
  • The rewards are non-negotiable or transferable in any case
  • McDVoice can cancel your coupon without any explanation
  • In case if you are not able to open the McDVoice official website, then you connect with them on their toll-free number, i.e., 1-800-244-6227 between 7 am to 7 Pm

The Final Verdict on McDVoice

We hope this article helped you to understand what is McDvoice survey, the procedure, and the benefits of the survey. Feel free to share your feedback on the survey and do not forget to share your experience in the comment section below.