LifePoints Survey – Earn Rewards At LifePoints Portal

LifePoints can be an excellent way to earn money with online surveys. On this portal, individuals can collect points that can be used for gift cards by partaking in paid surveys and easy tasks.

The LifePoints Review Portal is accessible to users around the globe and offers surveys in more than 200 nations in up to 26 languages. The LifePoints  Portal is owned and administered by Lightspeed LLC, a world leader in consumer surveys and also in the analysis.

Lifepoints has more than 5 million affiliates around the world and their number is developing by the day. Read on to get more about Lifepoints, their pros and cons, and how the portal work.

Official NameLifePoints Survey
CategoryOnline Survey Sites
RewardsLifePoints Rewards & Vouchers
WebsiteOfficial Site

Steps To Sign Up For LifePoints Survey

To earn money online, get the relevant assistance by the steps mentioned below for accessing the portal with the registered credentials.

  • For taking the survey, individuals need to visit the official site of the LifePoints Survey official site at
  • Individuals will see the top of the primary login page to fill in the particulars.
  • Now, enter the email address and also the relevant password and then click Next.
  • On the following page, accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the Accept.
  • Bingo! Individuals have fortunately logged into the LifePoints Survey portal.

Activation Guide – LifePoints Survey Online Portal

Getting started with LifePoints is moderately straightforward in terms of the procedure. The only conditions are to be at least 14 years old and have a laptop with Internet access.

  • Go to the official website to create the LifePoints account.
  • Fill in some basic data, including the name, age, address, and gender details.
  • This information can help the site determine what types of research you are eligible for.
  • After providing the relevant data, a confirmation link will be sent to the mentioned email address.
  • After clicking the link to activate the account, users will get their first 10 life points.

The whole procedure only needs a few minutes and users are good to go. The LifePoints platform is nevertheless relatively new, so it can sometimes create login errors. If individuals can’t create the account, wait a bit and try over later.

How Does The LifePoints Survey Portal Works?

The basic working procedure is much easier than it actually seems, like most of the survey panels users could work with. Users can participate in online surveys and give their opinions and comments to clients in the most relevant and honest way attainable to win prizes.

Participants should not prefer to give opinions on a particular topic or product in a Life Points survey as they can win from several aspects. Life Points is a market analysis company. Therefore, the data is not transmitted to LifePoints clients as a single entry.

But as part of a summary of data that can affect their future business choices and assist them to increase recognition of that particular brand. Life Points were consolidated as the Nation Family Opinions in the year 1946 and later took over the Lightspeed Survey.

The platform was independently known as Global Test Market but was renamed in the year 2019 to adequately separate the platform from peer paid online survey platforms. Life Points is an official product of Lightspeed and MySurvey, two market survey corporations from around the world with great impact in the industry.

Rewards & Prizes – LifePoints Survey

Sign up for free points – New Life Points Survey platform members get 10 free points that are automatically attached to their accounts.

Earn and reward life points – The amount individuals can earn with the online survey can rely on two factors:

  • Urgent Survey: An urgent survey at Life Points Survey portal will be more incentive to the respective user.
  • The term of a task or the survey – Those who require more time has elevated rewards. Health Points at the official Life Points Survey site are separate from other survey sites with unique ways to earn rewards.

Things Ever User Must Know – LifePoints 

  • Life Point Survey – First, the respective user can complete their surveys online. The portal invites users to present opinions or comments on the products or services listed on the login portal and earn rewards.
  • Tracking action on journal records – Another alternative an individual should earn points with is to track the experience or behavior through a journal note.
  • Individuals may be asked to save the appointment with a distinct service or product in a journal entry format. This is a possibility that will stand out because it provides individuals to earn points online for prizes.
  • Product Reviews: Some brands are moved in direct reviews of a particular product. They can give users their products for free in trade for informed and honest feedback. Product testing is exceptionally good for individuals who care about touch or particulars.
  • The Boost – Every chance a user has to select grants up to 100% health and potency. Once that user reaches 100%, they will get an instant reward.
  • Earn On The Go – This is a peculiar survey that starts based on the location. Individuals will get 50 points per activation, next is 20 points for each extra month that the user remains activated on the site.

Last Words About LifePoints Survey

Although membership in the LifePoint Survey is free, individuals will require at least 5,500 health points to redeem their rewards. The amount a user earns will rely on the level of activity and the availability of the surveys, as is the case with other review sites.

Also, the inventory data of the platform for which rewards are given if a respective user allow the location function to continue enabled on the mobile device when users complete the profile and participate in the updated daily challenges.

For instance, individuals can earn a 20% endorsement to make sure that the location service prevails active and about 10 points when users are asked to update their profile. Individuals can expect to earn about $ 10 in 2 to 3 weeks with the LifePoints Survey.