JackListens – Jack in the Box Survey Official

Here is the write-up on the “JackListens” survey by Jack in the box countrywide for the customers. The article focuses on the prospects of the JackListens survey and the two main platforms for this official and exclusive survey. All the official Jack in the Box restaurants and the official website www.jacklistens.com is the official platforms mentioned in this particular blog.

The article will let all the customers be close enough to the JackListens survey as it covers every aspect of the survey and brings all the data and information to the readers. It could acknowledge the reader about this extensive nationwide survey to avail of all the offers and benefits the brand is ready to give Now!


Also, the completes procedure regarding the JackListens survey is mentioned further to avail of all the listed and eligible offers for Jack’s valuable and loyal customers. On the other hand, this blog is a one-stop solution for the JackListens survey.

Procedure – JackListens Survey

A fully organized procedure is made for the convenience of customers so that the time to take the JackListens survey reduces and customers can provide their valuable feed with ease. To be a successful part of the Jack Listens survey follow the below-mentioned steps only for both the offline and online platforms.jack-in-the-box receipt

  1.  Log in to www.jacklistens.com
  2. Choose the preferred language by reading the above guideline.
  3.  Enter the 12-digit unique code from the receipt
  4. Enter any two details in the box
  5. Give the candid feedback (optional)
  6. Rate the services from 1-5 stars (mandatory)
  7. Click on “Submit”
Official NameJackListens
CompanyJack In The Box
Rewards Available?Yes

What is JackListens! – Jack in the Box Survey

The JackListens is an official survey platform for the people rolled out by Jack in the Box to get their customers valuable feedback so that the services given are changed or modified. The company takes its customer’s opinion suggestions and candid feedback to provide the same service possible and asked by the customer.

At the JackListens survey, the brand welcomes all its valuable customers to give their appropriate and honest feedback and thereby improve the current services provided. About time, the customers will get numerous offers and benefits as they spend their valuable time giving feedback about the restaurant’s services.

JackListens is providing official platforms for the convenience of the customers to take the survey as per the wish to the nearest restaurant or at the official website www.jacklistens.com only.


How JackListens works – Survey Objectives!

Jack in the box wants to be as transparent as possible concerning the JackListens survey so hereby the official survey team has outlined briefly. This information includes all the processes, the working procedure, company norms, survey objectives, and the customer’s eligibility briefly.

JackListens survey works based on two official platforms only. The first one is Jack in the Box restaurants. The survey team is available at all the restaurants for customers’ feedback and to assist in any relevant matter if customers face any issue in the feedback form. Submit the completed forms to these survey members only.

On the other hand, the second and most convenient option is the official website www.jacklistens.com of JackListens official survey. Here, the customer can give their valuable feedback at any time they wish from smartphones and secured internet connectivity. Make sure the official link is used for the survey.

Offers for All – www.jacklistens.com

The brand has made a detained note for several offers and discounts for the customers to avail of during the period of the JackListens survey. All the customers are requested to take part in the survey as there is no limit to win, Yes, anyone can win anything at any time of any quantity. Hurry Up! Limited Offer!

The customers enrolling themselves in the survey will get a chance to avail of a 25% flat discount on any food item from the Jack in the box if they have a valid receipt. The procedure to avail this is certainly very easy, just enjoy the food at the restaurant and fill out a feedback form with legitimate information at the bill counter to get instant discount.

There’s always a different and separate one at Jack in the box JackListens survey. All the customers are fully eligible for this particular offer if they have a receipt from last week with eligible survey code. The technical team and system will randomly select a few customers from the data of people who enrolled themselves in the JackListens survey. Those special customers will get a chance to visit an anonymous place disclosed only to winners after the survey gets over.

Jack in the box food

Terms & Conditions for Survey – JackListens to Customers Feedback

The official members of the survey and marketing team have defined several rules for customers as in the norms of terms and conditions. All the valuable customers are hereby requested to follow and acknowledge all the rules and regulations of the JackListens survey.

Jack in the box reserves all the right of the JackListens survey and can revert the survey as well as the offers and benefits from the customers anytime it wishes without any prior acknowledgment. With regards to the survey, the company has not guaranteed all the offers to its every customer who provides the feedback in terms of the feedback form.

All the customers are requested to give their candid feedback to be eligible for the JackListens survey and win exciting offers. A complete list of all the offers is listed at all the restaurants and also at the official website www.jacklistens.com

After the completion of the above-mentioned steps, the message appears “You have completed the survey. Thank you for the feedback.” If not, please visit the JackListens survey customer support team at www.jacklistens.com only.

Privacy Policy JackListens – Survey at Jack in the box

JackListens’ survey team has outlined numerous privacy policies that can give all the customers a relief regarding the data security and crucial information they provide in the feedback form.

The customers’ data and information are completely confidential into the borders of JackListens survey servers and not shared or used other than survey purposes. Also, any individual’s data is not leaked or shared with another one for the money or any marketing strategy.


This blog includes all the relevant data and procedures for the JackListens survey and the customers can rely on the information provided hereby only. For any further assistance and relevant services, feel free to reach us out in the comment section below.