DGCustomerFirst – Take Dollar General Survey on www.dgcustomerfirst.com

Here, the blog is all about the DGCustomerFirst which is a customer satisfaction survey at every Dollar General stores and www.dgcustomerfirst.com only. The blog only describes the relevant information of the DGCustomerFirst guest satisfaction survey.

Every customer can get enough data, figures, and information regarding the DGCustomerFirst platform in-depth hereby in this article itself. Also, in one of the sections, individuals can find the exact and most convenient procedure to be a part of the survey platform in almost no time. Read the full article to know more about the benefits for the customers on the survey platform only.


Moreover, on the other hand, the article highlights several offers and benefits for the customers to avail of including the eligibility criteria stuck to it. Along with it, the company has made some norms and regulations which are crucial for the customer to know before they take the survey, so for them, all the rules are included in a detailed format.

Survey Procedure – Dollar General Customer First

The DGCustomerFirst survey team has made a brand new procedure for the customers’ convenience and to be a successful part of the platform in almost no time by following the below-mentioned steps. The team expects that every individual should follow the below steps and give their valuable and candid feedback accordingly.DG-receipt

  1.  Log in to www.dgcustomerfirst.com
  2.  Choose the preferred language
  3. Enter the time, store number, and 15-digit survey code from the receipt
  4. Click on ‘Start’
  5. Enter the personal details in the box (any two)
  6. Give the candid feedback only (optional)
  7. Rate the services at the departmental stores (mandatory)
  8. Click on “Submit”
Official NameDGCustomerFirst
Parent CompanyDollar General
PurposeConducting Survey
RewardsGift Cards

What is DGCustomerFirst! – Customer Satisfaction Survey

The DGCustomerFirst is an exclusive real-time platform formed and introduced by the brand to know whether the services provided are accepted by the customers or they require any change. Therefore, the company has rolled out this extensive guest satisfaction survey platform to understand the customers’ needs.

As the Dollar General officials want to see the peoples’ viewpoint what every customer expects from DG departmental store and service provided at the stores. The brand tends to change the path of future for Dollar General according to customers and based on the feedback they give in the DGCustomerFirst exclusive customer satisfaction survey.

As for the Dollar General, the customer is at first position as they say in Dollar General Customer First, the officials welcome all the customers to be a part of this nationwide and unique survey.


Customers Role – DGCustomerFirst Survey

All the customers have the most crucial role in the DGCustomerFirst guest DG-storesatisfaction survey as the platform is set up for them only. The company wants all its customers to get along and be an exclusive part of the survey platform and win several exciting prizes and avail some unique offers by the brand.

The brand has fixed the position of all the customers in the survey platform, it welcomes all its valuable customers to give their honest and candid feedback only. Individuals can choose any official platform to give their views but make sure the procedure every customer follows is completely legitimate and the feedback reaches in the official hands only.

For the customer’s convenience, the brand has provided an accessibility friendly session to make sure the customers’ data remains and completely secure while the customers play their valuable role at www.dgcustomerfirst.com only.

Official Rules – www.dgcustomerfirst.com

There is a detailed list of official rules where all the terms and condition from the company’s side is mentioned concerning all the rules and regulations. The company expects the DGCustomerFirst survey process based on legitimacy and asks customers to read all the guidelines before they start the DGCustomerFirst survey procedure.

  • Everyone has to provide give their valuable feedback to the company to get eligibility for the offers.
  • All the rights are reserved entirely and the company can revert the DGCustomerFirst survey with the survey procedure along with the benefits from the Dollar General.
  • The company is ready to provide all the assistance any individual requires but in return, expects complete co-operation from its every valuable customer.
  • Every individual must take the survey from any official department store or at the official website www.dgcustomerfirst.com only. In any case, opposite these, the brand is not responsible for any issues that occur.
  • The eligibility criteria must be according to the customer guidelines rolled out by the brand and the offers given to every customer are on a completely random basis. The technical system chooses random people for every benefit according to the algorithm.
  • On the other hand, the brand does not guarantee every offer to its every customer enrolled in the DGCustomerFirst customer satisfaction survey.

Offers & Benefits – DG Customer First Survey

All the offers and benefits have a special glimpse and a unique place in the DGCustomerFirst survey platform as when the customer gives their valuable feedback. Also, the offers are for every person when they give their candid feedback once per day per person.

  • Flat discount of 20% on the purchase of any five items or products from a single visit.
  • Customers can buy products from the listed product and get another set of that particular product for free.
  • An exclusive “DG Coupon” for those customers who buy products of $150 or above in a single visit.
  • Instant cashback on the receipt selected on a random basis.
  • An anonymous trip awaits!


These steps will let every customer to a screen where a message “Your feedback is submitted successfully. Thank you for your time and feedback” appears which confirms customers’ eligibility to win several offers. If the customer does not have the code or the receipt, feel free to contact the brand’s official customer support team at www.dgcustomerfirst.com only.


To conclude, this article merely focuses on the DGCustomerFirst customer satisfaction survey with the mere intention to guide all its customers correctly with all the relevant and legitimate information. For any relevant assistance, feel free to reach us out in the comment section below. Our customer support team is ready to assist you.