Activate.SearsCard – Manage Your Credit Card Account

Activating the Sears Card or Sears MasterCard credit card is an accessible procedure made easy here, either through Citibank’s online retail assistance for the Activate.SearsCard. If individuals recently got a Sears card and want to initiate it as Activate.SearsCard, this article will surely assist all the users to activate it in a few comfortable steps.

This article will guide account holders through the procedure of activating the Sears credit card as well as the Sears MasterCard. Individuals can activate their cards in 10 minutes by reading this article. All cardholders require to do is comprehend the quick steps stated in this article to activate the card.

Sears Credit Card and Sears MasterCard co-operations are administered by The Official Citi Group. Therefore, individuals have several selections when activating the card with this Activate.SearsCard portal.

Official NameActivate.SearsCard
Company Sears
FormatCredit Card Login Portal
BenefitsSpecial Offers & Discounts
WebsiteOfficial Site

Activate Sears Credit Card Online – Activate.SearsCard

To activate the Activate.SearsCard, cardholders must ask Citibank to dispense it and be a legal customer of the card. Keep the card nearby at the time of the activation procedure.

  • Go to the official website of Citibank Retail Service at
  • Enter the card number, the name on the card, and the last four digits of the primary card client SSN number.
  • For security reasons, enter the relevant personal data and activate the current Sears card.
  • The card will be activated soon after the completion of the procedure and users will be notified of the successful activation.

Immediate note: If for some cause individuals can’t activate the card online, they can activate it from their phone.

Payments Through The Sears Credit Card – Activate.SearsCard

Individuals now have their account and to make a payment with a Sears credit card, follow these below-mentioned legit footsteps: –

  • Visit the Sears Home Page (
  • Go to the option “Pay the invoice”
  • Enter your login data in the form of the registered username and password and click on the Login section.
  • When the cardholders are done, they will see a ‘Pay Now’ section on the account page.
  • Here they can pay the needed invoices or make the payment users want in associate with the Sears card payment.
  • Of course, they will use the card to make the payment.
  • If individuals have something to say or have a problem, the subsequent number is expecting for you at the 1-800-815-7701.

The rewards plan involves a 5% discount on gas and a 3% discount at eateries and supermarkets, which is profoundly visible on

The Activate.SearsCard 5% and 3% Gas and Restaurant Rewards Program is adequate for the first year only and is restricted to the first $ 10,000 when bought at gas stores, supermarkets, and retail stores, restaurant together during the promotional period. After that, the benefit rate is only 1%.

Benefits Of The Card – Activate.SearsCard

As a client, when submitting the Sears credit card application, it is suggested that individuals use the Sears MasterCard as it is obtaining accepted by more and more manufacturers.

As with any big-name company, individuals clearly want marvelous rewards. Cardholders can get the same awards in an identical way. However, there are several rewards for loyal cardholders, including one-time privileges or special discounts, at the official portal

Therefore, the next step as a cardholder is to stimulate it for usage in the online world. Technically, Citi bank initiates the card and it is done externally without any problem if the customer submits the relevant documents accurately.

Recover The Forgot Username and Password – Activate.SearsCard

If customers forgot their registered username and attached password, they can easily reset them at Activate.SearsCard.

  • Visit the official site and the signup page.
  • Select on the option given by the name”Recover User ID” or “Reset Password” from the dashboard.
  • Now, enter the credit card number, the full name on the credit card, the card’s security PIN, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • Check every detail for errors.
  • Click the Verify section and acknowledge the on-screen directions.

For the online signup portal, customers can pay with the online portal. However, there are various methods of paying with the Sears credit card:

  • By Phone
  • Send Mail
  • In-Person

The official authorities will review all Sears’s credit card payment systems individually and reverts back with the confirmation.

Payments For Activate.SearsCard Over The Phone

The Sears credit card bill pays service is also accessible online by the registered Sears credit card account. Follow these mentioned simple steps to pay the bill online before the due date at

  • Got to the Sears Credit Card website.
  • Log into the Sears credit card account.
  • Press on the Sears Bill Pay from minimum payment, full payment, or schedule the payment for the next pay date.
  • Make the payment with an attached bank account to the Sears account.

Offline Method – Activate.SearsCard

The offline way to Activate.SearsCard to activate the Sears credit card involves phone calls or other methods of communication. Take a look at the image above for particulars on contact numbers for distinctive purposes.

The typical procedure should be done along these lines, although it may differ slightly from case to case.

  • Call the contact number to activate the card.
  • Provide card specifications and other relevant data upon the request.
  • Acknowledge to the terms and conditions.
  • Follow the offline payment mode instructions.
  • Once the backend procedure is complete, the Sears card will be activated after the verification of the submitted documents.
  • Cardholders may require to wait for the card to activate before utilizing the Sears Card Connection to make relevant transactions.

Final Acknowledgement – Activate.SearsCard

The Sears Card can be helpful if cardholders shop often or hardly spends a lot of money at Sears. Special business transactions also need the cardholders to be accredited interest dating back to the acquisition date if individuals don’t pay for the purchase on time. These are some of the things to acknowledge before activating the card.

Therefore, remember these two features of these cards and be proactive when it proceeds to handle the bills. Here we come to the completion that the relevant cardholders can activate the Sears card with Activate.SearsCard easily. We explain all the feasible ways to do the activation procedure. If individuals continue to have issues, please contact the official Citibank Support at 1 (800) 815-7701.